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Factory-made trusses save time. Time for engineering, time for permits and time saved from building rafters. With Trusses, you can be sure they are built with strength and stability.

Before you start rolling the trusses, you must make sure all your walls are plumb, using braces to either push walls in or out depending on what you need.

You then mark you layout, by first burning the first ¾” for the trusses to land on lay out with 24” O/C (On Center). Marking the side with an “X” where the truss needs to sit. Be sure to check as you are installing to make sure you layout is still on and you are not moving the layout. Do not just check the truss next to it, go back several.

While your setting or after, you can go back with bird blocking, which goes between the trusses on the top plate and is typically cut at 22-1/2” which also helps maintain a 24” O.C. truss layout.

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