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DID YOU KNOW? Subfloor repair


Did you know when performing a subfloor repair you must block all edges (depending on material used).

When the subfloor is removed it leaves unsupported edges between the new subflooring and the subflooring left behind (unless it is removed at a joists and/or T&G).

First: use a 2x material and block between the old subfloor and the new subfloor, then block every seam unless it lands on a previous joist or the material is T&G.

Second: once the blocking is complete, use subfloor adhesive such as Liquid Nails Subfloor before laying the new subfloor material down.

Third: lay new subfloor material down, make sure that the floor material is tight, but not binding which could result in floor squeaks. Try to match factory cut sides to factory cut sides when possible. Nail or screw off the new subfloor material in the following pattern, 6” on the perimeter and 12” in the field. Ensure that the nail or screw seats into the floor just past flush.

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